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Hanami - Rose Earrings

60,00 €Prijs

The ROSE earrings have a playful 3D printted dot hanger The dot hanger is approximatly 1.2cm, the earrings it self are closed hoops with a diameter of approximatly 1.6 cm. They are available in sterling silver or gold plated silver.  They are very comfortable and very light to wear. They are available in four different colours  (burnt amber, emerald, nautical blue, midsummer glow). 


These Rose earrings are part of the Hanami collection. For me this collection is all about living in the present, about enjoying every single moment and every detail that a day gives us. 


Crafted from translucent and recycled PETG, all of my earrings showcase the harmony of sustainability and elegance. With every 1kg of fillament that is used to 3D print my earrings, we breathe new life into 79 plastic bottles. Making each piece a testament to ecological responisbility. 


The visible infill from the 3D printing process adds depth an character tot each design, symbolizing the layers of expriences that enrich our every day lives. These geometric art pieces invite you to embrace the present moment, reminding you to cherisch the beauty that surrounds you, however fleeting. 


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